The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight (maeincarnate) wrote,
The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight

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In touch with my masculine side

When the parking attendant to bring my Strawberry Pearl 1995 Dodge Neon up from the bowels of the parking garage tonight, he stopped the car, I took a step towards, and he looked at me with a cocked eyebrow. "You?"

Yeah, I said, and he made this odd motion with his arms as if he were driving a car at warp speed and holding on to the wheel as he was forced back into the seat.

"I imagined...Man."

"You think this is a *man's* car?"

"Yeah. Man's car."

My car is a) a Neon and b) a color that can be described as nothing short of pink. Man's car? Take that, J-dogg.
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