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I am in the foulest of foul moods today. Please, for the love of god and your own body, stay far far away.

I am exhausted. I was exhausted and hung over all day yesterday, got a good night's sleep, but have woken up with cold symptoms. I blame this on all of the immediate-satisfaction whiners in my apartment building who demanded the heating system be switched over to air conditioning last week during our hot spell. It was hot Saturday afternoon, so when I left for Baltimore, I left the windows open. I return Sunday to a freezing and damp icebox and I can't turn the heat on because it was hot for a day or so last week.

The radio warned of delays resulting from the "protesters" marching around and making general nuisances of themselves today. I will leave my editorial opinion on these people out of this. I will say that the resulting delays on the Metro were minimal. I still am pissed about the possibility of delay.

The coffee I bought this morning tasted like shit.

I need to find a new job, but I know I don't want to do what I'm doing now, I'd like to try something new, but I'm afraid of there being a huge pay cut in trying out a new career that would make trying something new cost-prohibitive. After working in Customer Service for years, I was excited about moving over to copyediting since I wouldn't have to talk to idiots all day long. Now, I find that copyediting is a lonely job, and I have to deal with idiots in my office all day long rather than having a lucky day when I manage to help and satisfy people. All I know is, the rats are starting to run off the ship over here (2 resignation notices in 1 week) and I have to get out of here as soon as possible. I don't want to take a new job at a place I'm only lukewarm about (like I did with this one) and find myself in this position in a year again. Merh.

I wanted to write an effervescent entry about how I had the time of my life at Keith and Carla's wedding on Saturday and to explain in full detail the wackiness of the events during, before, and after, but I will wait until my mood is more appropriate. An event like Keith and Carla's wedding deserves a proper recap.

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