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Zen Time

I gotta get up early on Saturdays more often. It feels great to know that I have the whole day ahead of me do just *do* stuff.

This early morning has been brought to me by last night's Zen Time. Zen Time: just what the doctor ordered after three straight super-busy weekends and a long vacation. No better way to succumb to alcohol withdrawl either. My Sims are prospering.

I was in bed by 11:30. This is partly due to the fact that I was exhausted, and partly due to the fact that I was too cold to be in the living room any longer. Bedtime attire included: flannel pyjamas, fleece slipper-socks that I tucked the bottoms of my pants into to prevent rising, and a baja. On the bed: down comforter, wool blanket, velour blanket.

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