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The Rock is King

Mickey and I went to see the Scorpion King yesterday. It was pretty much everything that I expected it to be and I really enjoyed it.

I want to see The Rock in more stuff. More action movies. He's got it. He's got everything Ahnode had before he got stuck on himself--Dwayne still realizes that when it all boils down, there's a certain joke to being The Rock and with that, doesn't seem to take himself tremendously seriously. It's refreshing.

Maybe it was because they needed another monster of a human being in the film, but it was more likely the fact that a particular scene called for The Rock to leap up onto the back of another character in an attempt to strangle him from behind that helped cast the part. No one short of Michael Clarke Duncan could fulfill that role. Pun intended.

The movie's most admirable quality is that it didn't have kid running around fucking things up and distracting our hero from his duties. This was the biggest downfall of The Mummy movies: Swashbuckler goes around doing swashbuckler things, somehow gets paired up with some dumb kid, tells kid to sit wherever he is and stay there, kid thinks he's going to be helpful and leaves, gets caught, and Swashbuckler has to sacrifice the mission at hand, himself, and the fate of the world to protect the worthless child. The kid in Scorpion King got only moderately involved with the Rock, he only had to do a small sidetrack to save the child from danger, and from that point on the child was not seen unless he was doing something helpful such as bonking a bad guy on the head with pottery.

The love interest part was not intrusive. It was based in some recognizeable rationale: you could see why the chick wanted The Rock, and not just because it's The Rock. The love, or more so the sex, aspect of the plot really showed The Rock's acting greenhorns, and Dwayne's hush-hush married guy with a kid reality. He stumbled immaturely over an insinuated "we did it" and even through the bronzed skin and golden lighting, he was blushing.

And the swordfighting was way badass.

There was also a new (to me at least) preview for Episode II. It was the first one I had seen in the movie theater that didn't build the movie up to being Joanie Loves Chachi in Outer Space. I pitched a gigantic geek woody right there in the movie theater. I can't tell if Lucas is a cunning genius for making me curse his name for destroying *yet another* Star Wars movie for the last few months to make me pull a full 180 and wet myself in want for it, or if he even realized that the Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy trailers weren't going over well in the first place. Seeing as it was only recently that he realized we had qualms with Episode I, I'm leaning towards the latter.

Either way, Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiing.

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