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I'm in a Silly Good Mood.

Why? I'll tell ya why.

-Saw Star Wars again * last night. Ate Sweedish Fish. The cookie I bought was bad, but the Fish made up for it.

-Mickey got pictures back from our trip to Europe (god, was it a year and a half ago?) and in it was three pictures of Harrod's in London dolled up for Christmas. They made me so happy I got misty.

-Good night's sleep.

-Overslept, but still made it to the shuttle bus on time.

-Ran and caught the train at the platform.

-After running to catch my transfer train, the doors close right in front of me. I stood there disappointed for a second, and they re-opened. I move to step into the train and the doors slam shut on my thigh. I stood there paralyzed by the door for a second, it reopened and released me from it's grip. Teased me with a few opens and closes but I was not fooled again. Everyone on the train was staring at me like I was some kind of moron and maybe I was. But I imagine it was very funny to see my denim-clad pantleg stuck in the door with a fresh little shelltoe dangling from it.

-The coffee I got was delicious.

-I'm wearing my new favorite shirt and new favorite necklace.

-The Talking Heads were on Spinner earlier.

-veejay will be in town this weekend. Come one come all to Adams Morgan Saturday night.

-I've been having an unusual amount of fun playing on LJ this morning.

-Pineapple-driving-a-car goes beep beep beep beep.

-It's summery summery out there.

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