The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight (maeincarnate) wrote,
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Jersey Fresh

Another super-duper-bonus of going to Atlantic City this weekend was that on the way home, we were able to stop at a farmer's market and pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables. I spent about $20 and got two of the biggest, fattest, reddest tomatoes I have ever seen, perfectly dark and soft plums, a ton of big fat green grapes, 3 gigantic cucumbers, a canteloupe so fresh and fragrant it's freshened my entire kitchen, and string beans the way my grandmother used to bring them to us from her farm, with huge beans bulging out of the casings and that lightly fuzzy texture that goes away after they're handled too much. I even got a jar candle that was made locally that smells like pears.

All this *and* a grilled cheese to go with my black and white Cowtown milkshake.

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