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Chicken Alfredo with Lentils and Naan. somehow invaded my screen yesterday and I found myself looking at the City Search Top 10 "Best of" Restaurant listings. Of course, Washington DC is not one of the cities featured, so I looked up the Top 10's of the city I was most familiar with on the list: Raleigh/Durham.

As disappointing as it was to find out that my favorite coffee shop, Cup A Joe, *did* get an editorial nod but failed to be the audience favorite; that the chain Red Hot and Blue won the audience pick for Best Barbeque instead of Allen and Son, this converted bomb shelter on the side of a rural highway next to railroad tracks (or ANY OTHER barbeque place for that matter); and that these people had the creativity to put Taco Bell, McDonalds and IHoP as Best Burrito, Best Fries, and Best Breakfast, respectively, none of these things added up to their picks for Best Indian Food.

Not only did they pick Olive Garden as the best Indian Food Restaurant, enough of them made this voting error for Olive Garden to make #10. I feel bad for the Indian Restaurant that made #11.

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