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I always liked flying.

I can not belive it is only 10:53. Something tells me the only part of today that is going to go quickly is the flight. The borderline condition I am in should allow me to sleep soundly for that 45 minutes. But I'm sure once I'm there in sleepyland, I'll be there in North Carolina. I sure hope this Midway shutdown doesn't fuck up my groove too much more. They regularly did these $49-each-way specials, and since their hub is in Raleigh, they had flights from DC and back like six times a day. I tell ya', a hundred bucks is worth not having to spend six hours on 95 each way, and between gas, time, and the toll on my soul, the price is right. That and they'd often overbook the flights, so for the mere inconvenience of spending 2-3 hours in an airport bar waiting for the next flight, I would be given a voucher for a free flight next time. Today's flight is brought to you by last year's flight. So really, I only spent $49 on this trip and paid for it a year ago. US Airways better stay on the ball with this.

The first time I flew in a plane was the first time I really heard a southern accent in person. I'm sure I had heard them before but it never really registered until when I was six years old flying with my family to Disney World. We had a stopover in Charlotte and I remember being surprised by how hot it was and the weird way the stewardess talked. It was April, right around Easter, and in New Jersey, we were having one of our typical White Easters. It never snowed on Christmas, but I can think of at least four years when we had snow falling on Easter Sunday. We left Newark with about four inches of snow, and arrived in sunny Charlotte for an hour or two to 70 degree weather and funny-sounding stewardesses.

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