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Beach Weekend, Part II

Saturday was spent lounging on the beach, swimming and lounging some more. Mom's friend came out for the afternoon and the three of us got in our low-to-the-ground beach chairs and parked them right where the water was ebbing. As the tide rose, the water got deeper and soon we were being washed up to our waists with every wave and getting knocked over, so we'd pick the chairs up and move them back a few feet every once in a while. Great relaxation. Mom and I had the exact dinner that we were hoping for at this steakhouse, came back to the hotel, drank some more wine coolers and crashed early. Sunday we checked out of the hotel, did some more beach lounging, hit a beach crap store on the way back to Raleigh, showered, and got me to the airport an hour before my 6:50 flight. Here's where it gets frustrating.

Check in to the flight, no problem. I was booked on what I was told was the last available flight out of Raleigh into National on Sunday night, but it had an hour layover in Charlotte. However, while walking around the terminal waiting to board, I found a direct flight to National. I asked if I could get on standby for it, but she said since the two flights left at the exact same time, if I missed out on the standby, I might miss out on my flight and be screwed.

My flight chose to search more people (myself included) than time allowed, thereby through no one's fault but their own, delayed the flight by about twenty minutes. I also noticed that boarding that flight and the one I took in, the only people who got randomly searched were 18-30 year old young people and older women. In the interest of salvaging some sort of efficiency, they have the woman run me over with the metal-detector wand while I'm waiting for someone to free up to check my bags.

Life Lesson: Airport Security "Officers" have no sense of humour. He mumbles the obligatory, "may I search your bags?" and I say, " long as we can go back to your place later and I can go through your drawers." Apparently this flopped joke got me, and I quote, "this close to keeping you off the plane" (include your own thumb-and-index-finger measure here).

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