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Dream Journal

I woke up fully clothed on the couch this morning at 7:30, brushed my teeth and went to bed. I had a dream that was interrupted three times by telemarketers, and yet the dream picked up right where I left off every time I fell back asleep.

coldblackncold, sirrani, rock_god and I were in this trailer kind of building and overheard someone say that something worth several million dollars was in the newspaper machine. No one was looking, and I opened up the newspaper machine and took it, knowing immediately that it was Brian Dennehy's Oscar. The four of us ran out into the parking lot and knew that we couldn't escape on foot and began looking for a car. Some sort of theme music cued up and sang, "it's the car to steal" as I was standing in front of a brown convertible K-car that had the keys in the ignition. We put the newspaper-wrapped Oscar in the trunk and took off.

After falling asleep again after a phone interruption, the four of us were in what I knew was Raleigh, driving around trying to find one particular major highway that would take us to Durham, where we thought would be able to hide out. The problem was there was an enormous mall that no matter where we turned was one one side of us or another or we were heading right into it. The mall parking lot was crawling with customs officers who pulled us over asking us why we were driving around the mall in the middle of the night (he also complimented me on my arm muscles and asked me to flex while he was talking to me) and we thought we were caught. Even when I thought we were heading the right way, we'd either run into the mall or find the wrong highway.

The dream ended after the third telemarketer interruption, this one asking for Mrs. Spoweman, the worst bastardization of my last name I have ever heard.

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