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To the ladies of HR and the cocknocker in sales who felt the need to re-forward the email

I will not be filling out the Employee Survey.

It annoys me to no end that you say the survey is semi-annual, you end up sending it to us every six weeks or so. Way to let the cat out of the bag that the big boss gets a bonus if the satisfaction rate is above a certain percentage. Do you actually think making us fill out the same form six weeks later is going to change our opinions that much?

While this is bothersome, it is not the primary reason I will not be participating. The reason I will not be participating is how you insist that the survey is "confidential", yet there is a "demographic" section at the bottom, where you expect me to fill out which Division, Location and Department I work in, how many years I've been with the company and my gender and race. My department consists of about 13 people. Of those 13 people, there is one black male. There is one white female that has worked here for 4 years, one that has worked here for two, one that has worked for one. There are two black females; one has worked here for 8 months, the other 3 years. The only chance for 25% confidentiality is between the four white males who have been here for 4 years. Last time I filled out the survey, I wrote "confidential?" next to these lines.

When I returned the form to HR, I explained to the nice HR lady that it made me uncomfortable filling out a survey that explains what I do and do not like about my job, whether or not I think management is capable, whether or not I believe in the company mission, whether or not I like my co-workers and if I think they do a good job. She fake-mockingly laughed at me and lied straight to my face that the demographic statistics aren't used for any purpose. I asked if they weren't used, why were they collected, and she said, "well, you've seen the reports that come from this. They're not used." I have seen the reports that come from this, missy, I've seen the ones my boss is sent that I'm not supposed to see, and sure as shit, 100% of white women who have worked here for 2 years feel as though their job is unimportant. When I continued to press the issue of why demographics needed to be taken for a 13-person department, she continued to try to make me feel like an obsessive paranoiac, and concluded that if I was so upset about it to just not fill it out.

Well, the song hasn't stayed the same, Miss HR. This time when you sent it out, you reiterated in boldface that the demographic section is important that "EVERYONE" should complete the survey, and whichever division gets 100% participation on 100% of the survey will get a free lunch.

You can keep your pizza, Miss HR. I'm not playing.

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