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Sine Yo Piddy on the Runny Kine

Tuesday night, Mickey, VJ and I went to go see Pootie Tang. You might have seen the previews; they may not have made sense to you. You might have noticed it on the top ten box office list for last weekend; then again, it didn't break the top ten last weekend. I would suggest seeing it, but I have a feeling that we saw the last screening. Don't worry about having to wait too long to see it though, since as soon as it's out on VHS, it will be on the shelf of everyone who knows how to successfully build a gravity bong.

Pooite Tang is the toy project of Chris Rock and his buddies, and sometimes I wonder if a bunch of us got together with a camera and some money if we wouldn't create something similar. I laughed my ass off, but something tells me that most of the funniest parts were inside jokes that went right over my head.

It makes me wonder whether or not Rock and them were laughing at us for paying money to see their movie. The movie that while it's not a bad deal that other people are seeing it, they really made it for themselves.

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