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I have to remember that logic, rationality, and common sense have no place in, place. I sit in these meetings listening to these entirely irrational pie-in-the-sky pipe dreams either trying to ignore it, trying to keep my mouth shut or simply trying to keep my brain from getting all scattered and melty. The third never works, and I'm usually confused for about 15 minutes after these meetings. Whenever I fail to keep my mouth shut, I say something very simple yet sensical, and it's either met with stunned praise or outright hostility. I'm either the bitchy/negative one or the silent genius.

To quote my brother, my work is "the dotcom the nineties forgot". While other dotcoms were learning lessons in the same way toddlers learn not to touch the stove, the guys at the helm here must have been running around with their fingers in their ears singing to themselves. Any 40-something who recently had to sell his hot convertible will tell you that there is no way to go from zero to amazon in two years, and that no matter how you talk yourself up, there's only so much faith big established companies are going to put in a dotcom. Things don't always have to be hard--sometimes the easy way is the best way. If you're an internet company, you damn well better be using computers and the internet extensively. Things don't work the same on the internet than they do on paper, so the rules you learned in 1972 may not apply. Even if you have 30 years of "experience", there are some things those 30 years still haven't taught you. There's really only so much "multitasking" a group of people can do before it becomes obvious that more people are needed. It just goes on and on. Never stops. Always the same.

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