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San Fransisco: American, but not too American.

D.C. Loses Olympic Bid. Shocker.

The real reason we were rejected aside, did anyone actually think DC could keep it together for the three entire weeks of an Olympic Games? That 5 Billion dollars of revenue would come at some cost: spectators would come in droves. Security would have to be, well, secure. They were planning on putting most of the games around the RFK Stadium in the hopes of leaving a "legacy of urban renewal". Okay, one: NO ONE walks around RFK Stadium; it's not in one of the city's safest neighborhoods. What a great boon the city's reputation it would be when the statistics of how many muggings and robberies spectators fell victim to. And Two: as for the urban renewal aspect, um...Wigsphere anyone?

Public transportation would have to be efficient. Anyone who has ever lived in DC knows that Metro can't even keep two escalators working at the same time in each station. A rat farts on a track and the entire grid shuts down. And it's a joke to consider the bid as a Baltimore/Washington bid. Try getting to the Baltimore/Washington Airport on a weekday later than 4am. How about heading up to Camden Yards for a game after work. I hope nothing big happened in the first four innings. See, even though they are close on the map, they're really not that close. And the general mess it is trying to get around here just makes it farther.

But none of these reasons were cited. D.C. lost because it's too American. "We felt Washington made an outstanding candidate...On the other hand, it does take that anti-American [sentiment]...San Francisco, which like Washington put forward a revised bid this spring, apparently profited not only by its bid revision but also by the perception that it's a city on the fringe of America, far away from the seat of power that proved a problem for the Washington-Baltimore bid."

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