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It is Labor Day and you are going to LABOR

Scene: Thursday night at Rob and Leanne's. Rob completes my computer tinkering and says he doesn't have a Verizon DSL setup disk to reinstall the software to get me online. My actual response: "don't worry, I'm really good about saving those things. I'm sure I'll find it as soon as I get home".

I feel like it's been years since I've been online. I could find the little manual that says how to use the goddamn startup disk, as if the animated talking instructions were somehow unclear. I spent most of Friday afternoon and nearly all of Saturday turning my apartment upside down for it. Granted, still no disk, but I did re-organize my file cabinet. * Shout out to rock_god for burning me a copy of his startup disk.

For some reason, today feels like a Sunday with more potential. So, what is it I am going to do today?

-Clean kitchen including floors, inside drawers, and clean out the crumb thing in the toaster.
-Clean bathroom including floors, tub, and taking down that vent thing that is covered in dust.
-Clean bedroom. This is the hardest part, as most of my hard core cleaning only takes place when people come over and the bedrom generally falls to the wayside. Must vacuum, figure out what to do with the piles of useless shit that are lying around I have saved for some reason, and start thinking about that collage I've been meaning to put over my dresser.
-Do something creative. This may be burning a CD, starting the long-awaited Mod Podge Dining Room Table project, or break out the sewing machine.
-Food Shopping, assorted cooking.

I think I can do it. AS long as I don't get trapped in the Sims again. I'd say this MTV2 sneak peek they're running right now might be a demotivator, but if this is the crap they show on MTV2, I don't think I'll be calling my cable company too soon. Is it so hard for them to just air old episodes of 120 Minutes in their entirety?

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