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If only tolerance paid so well normally.

Last night I triumphed.

On my way home, I stopped into the Harris Teeter for some California Rolls. Sure, I'm incapable of going into the "Foodies" section without taking home at least one more thing than I planned on buying, so I got the sushi and some chicken salad (mmm...roasted chicken salad).

I have no patience for people who can't figure out how to use the U-Scan self-checkout machines. None. It's very easy people. Scan the thing, take it from one scale to another. Yes, that thing they have you put your stuff on is a scale. That's why the machine gets upset when you put your bag or child there. Furthermore, the U-Scan machine is really only efficient and convenient if you have a limited number of items. Otherwise, let the professionals handle it.

I go to the U-Scan line with my California Rolls and chicken salad and wait. The guy nearest to me is beginning to finish up. The machine has asked him to insert his cash in the cash acceptor. While the cash acceptor works like any vending machine cash acceptor, this was baffling to him. He manages to get his money in, the machine tells him to take his change and receipt, he stares at the machine for a while, steps away, then comes back for a double take, stares at it for a while again, and leaves.

I scan my stuff, for a total of $7.02. I put $10.02 in the machine, and go to the change tray to find $7 in there. I thought at first I got the numbers backwards, but no, the moron in front of me just bought me dinner. How nice of him.

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