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Mario's World is a Super World.

My Nintendo Bruise is back. Some get Nintendo thumb; I get Nintendo Bruise.

My brother is collector of video games systems. From Vectrex to Colecovision, Jaguar to PS2; he's got them all. What he doesn't have, however, is extra space in his apartment, something I have in spades. Therefore, I am now the proud caretaker of an SNES complete with a shoebox full of games.

But I have yet to dig any deeper in said box than to pull out Super Mario World. Perhaps more fun than Super Mario 2, I would never say so in Mario 2's presence (my dearest love) but I will give it props. Such wonderful features: it ruined me on Mario games after playing it, as I would always find myself hitting pause right when I was facing a perilous situation in the hopes that bouncing over to select might pull me out of my jam. But no, only in Mario's Super World can this be done. And Yoshi, while you may be a bit difficult to maneuver, what a steadfast companion you are.

For a leisure activity, Nintendo gameplay is rather stressful for me. As much as I enjoy it, I find my frustration levels at their maximum, pulse at a nearly dangerous rate, and I wonder what my neighbors think of the shrieks and obscenities filling the air at random intervals. Then there's the Nintendo Bruise. When I was a child, I would throw the paddle at the folded-up ironing board when I had executed a particularly boneheaded move, resulting in a clang that told me yes, that paddle was suffering for causing me to do something so stupid. But the day I nearly jerked the console off of the desk and broke the paddle having thrown it with such force, I lapsed into a different frustration releaser, one that is trapped in my subconscious to this day. For fear of ruining the hardware, I began pounding my fist on my thigh with the fervor of some sort of savant every time my Mario found his feets in contact with lava or whenever his head errantly brushed against a turtle. Few games outside the Mario family instill this reaction in me, and rarely am I so intensely involved in or so determined upon gaming success.

The beast has returned. I am rather pleased with my progress thus far. I started clean with a new game, and quickly recalled nearly every one of the games nuances (unlike when I returned to Mario 3 earlier this year and forgot altogether about the Warp Whistles), cruised easily through the first few levels and even had the presence of mind to complete every one of the multi-ending stages and find all of the switches. My game is good. And yes, it's there, but my new Nintendo Bruise isn't as bad as it could be.

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