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It just keeps getting better.

Work threw me a party quite by surprise. I got in today to find a meeting request from our department head for a "Process Evaluation Meeting" from 2-3:30. All day long, I dreaded this meeting.

Shortly before 2 I was getting my lunch and found my boss and my friend in the kitchen and they quickly hid something as I came in. I began to realize that I didn't have anything to dread from this meeting.

I headed to the "Media Room" where we have this big flatscreen TV/Monitor thing for making presenations and everyone was in there, with the latest Real World episode playing on the big TV. Everyone sang, and on the table were cupcakes each with a popsicle stick stuck in them with a Real World cast memeber's head taped on the top. Mai tais were being served.

In the center of the table was the diorama. Stick figures in different poses with Real World heads on them were all glued to cardboard. Such scenes as Stephen slapping Irene, Amaya on her knees holding Colin's hand, Heather B. being dragged by a little popsicle stick dog, the entire Chicago cast with little towels around their bodies (except Aneesa, of course), Ruthie on the ground with a bottle in her hand, Montana holding a phone, and of course, David dragging a blanketed Tami with Beth S. looking on. All of this hard handiwork thanks to fabledreality, who already surprised me this morning with a very well-done voucher for a free year of LJ.

I was torn between crying because I was laughing so hard and at the sweetieness of everything that went into it. What a great birthday. Did I mention I have the greatest friends in the whole world?

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