The Mad Poller What Polls at Midnight (maeincarnate) wrote,
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I want to share the details of my weekend, but I am in no condition. Even though I woke up in a good mood after having another in my recent series of post-apocalyptic scavenger dreams (in this one I was carrying around a driver golf club as some sort of weapon and wearing clothes that I recognize as actually my own), I am now so tired I can barely sit up.

Let me just say that winkies can resemble several indigenous Australian animals when twisted in the right directions; when they say that the Murray Hill East Inn and Suites is the best deal in New York, they aren't kidding around; if you reveal to someone in a bar that you are from New Jersey, you may get a 45-minute lesson (including singing) about why the Boss is the greatest folk storyteller of all time, even if you say repeatedly that you are not a fan; and that Christopher Moltisanti is not very tall in person.

More to come once the coffee hits.

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