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Under Pressure

I'm really stressed out. My shoulders hurt as a result.

I need to get my bridesmaids dress fitted for my brother's November 16 wedding. My tailor said it will only take about a week to do any alterations, but that she won't do the fitting until after I have the shoes and "undergarments" I plan on wearing that day. While this is very smart of her, I do not need the pressure of finding the right shoes and bra *before* I do something that I'm already late doing. Then what if it needs to be re-altered after it gets altered once? There goes another week.

I need to make an appointment with Hair Stylist Extraordinaire Fran to get my highlights touched up and to see if he can put my hair up in the way I'm going to want it the day of the wedding. What if, then, if he doesn't work on Saturdays?

I went and got the title transferred for my car. I had the insurance in place and everything and was thinking I was registering at the same time. I asked her if I was all done and she said yeah, even adding that I don't need to get my inspection done beforehand. While trying to get my Arlington County sticker, I realize I do not have my car registered with the state yet, and due to some cute Northern Virgina clause, I have to have the car inspected before I do so.

I am a very structured and regimented person. Nearly every minute of my non-work time is planned and accounted for. I know exactly what time I have to be at the Metro in order to catch the right shuttle bus to be home at a certain time, exactly when I need to start preparing my lunch in order to be done in time for the Real World. It is not only because of this trait of mine that it infuriates me that no one at my job can seem to plan ANYTHING. It's that due to their lack of planning and foresight, and since I am the last step in our process, I get no work until Thursday at 3pm and am expected to do the week's worth of work by the end of Friday. So I sit around doing nothing and then am overloaded for a day and a half. I stayed last Friday night late waiting for one of my co-workers to finish his part so that I can do mine, and I plan not to make a habit of that.

I can't tell if I'm hungry or if I just want to sit here and barf.

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