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Zeke Week

This weekend was so long and so crammed full of fun stuff that I am so exhausted I don't even know where to begin. Saturday felt like three whole days. Makeup appointment at 9:30am, hair at noon, ceremony at 3, reception at 6 and then it gets blurry. I danced so much and the floors were so hard that my legs are still knotted up in pain. I can barely keep my eyes open today but that didn't stop me from waking up a few times last night worrying that I had rolled over onto Zeke, my brother and now sister-in-law's cat.

Yes, folks, it's Zeke Week at my place. As the newlyweds will be spending the next few days in Orlando, I get to play with the super-jumpy, F.O.A.S.-hunting, scotch-tape-hating Zeke the cat. After a harrowing trip across the street in his cat box, Zeke spent little more than 20 minutes hiding under the couch before emerging to the tune of a Pounce treat and spent the remainder of the evening sniffing at the window hardware and plants on my windowsills. Man, I hope he likes reality TV, or this is going to be a tough week for the poor guy.

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