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I helped the economy this weekend.

Let me just start off by politely begging everyone not to post anything about last night's Sopranos today (ahem, ao). Due to last night's late return, I will not be able to see it until tonight.

I am the proud owner of a brand new coat. Seeing as some animal is wandering around DC in my old one right now, my hand was forced to buy the red wool coat I had had my eye on for months now but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on since I already had a perfectly functional coat. When the old one got ripped off, a little shiver of happiness went through me as I realized now I can get the new coat I wanted. I must say, dammit, I look sharp. Fear my good style.

It was a very nice, very long, very relaxing weekend. If I may elaborate: Saturday night as I slipped into bed, my legs cramped up with this odd muscle ache. I tried to figure out what I could have done to cause strain on myself and came up with zilch. I had barely gotten off of the couch in four days. Could it be atrophy? Maybe. It may very well be.

Highlights of the weekend include being the shopping fairy for two random women at the mall who approached me and asked me for my advice on shoes and purses they were considering buying; the Changing Rooms marathon on TLC; getting snookered into buying a handy chopper by one of those flea market medicine showmen (tested last night and it lives up to 90% of his harkings); watching my brother put about 12 hours into completing the Vigilante missions in Vice City only to find out online Sunday morning that all of his efforts were only going to yield 50 measly armor points; going over to my mom's friend's house for a "quick visit" and then two hours later finding ourselves with a bottle of White Z in our bellies, stumbling around the supermarket laughing at the idea of buying donuts; and Spider Solitaire. Lots of Spider Solitaire.

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