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We went to the Flea Market at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds this Sunday before I was carried back to Ol' Virginny. It's a great flea market with a wide range from antiques to trash from people's garages to new stuff, but they also have this section devoted to pets, with adoptable pets from the humane society and litters upon litters of puppies from local breeders. They had this one children's playpen with a pile of brown and white boxer puppies all sleeping on each other, a little black chow-chow puppy that looked just like a teddy bear, mini-pinschers and rat terriers, baby rottweilers, pugs, bulldogs, the works.

I got to thinking if walking around looking at boxes and boxes full of cute little waggy puppies could satisfy my dog fix without stinking up my house, imagine if they could do this with children: fill up playpens with adoptable children crawling around and cooing and looking at you with their big child eyes and you can pick them up and snuggle them and put them back down and get a nice fill of child without stinking up your house. I figure shopping malls would be a lot more navigable that way.

"This nice little male here will probably grow to about 68 inches and 170lbs, but he's toilet-trained, has his shots, never sheds, and will eventually learn to clean up after himself..."

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