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My sister-in-law just told me how she heard on the radio this morning that the Fairfax County Police busted a big credit card fraud ring last night. Since the majority of the charges made on my cards were in Fairfax County, I called to find out more about it and submit that I may be involved in this. When I explained the situation to her, the receptionist at the Credit Card and Check Fraud department said that she "wouldn't know about any of that" when I told her about the possible bust, but that she'd take my name and number so an officer can call me in 2-5 days to discuss my possible case.

Add the Fairfax County Police Department to the newly founded Bureaucratic Administrators Supposed To Assist Residents in Distress club. Between them, my bank, Arlington Police, DC Police, my apartment managment company, and the Postal Inspectors ('ll get a followup call tomorrow), with the membership fees alone I should get that stolen $700 back that the bank won't reimburse me for until I talk to their inspector, who during this "season of frequent crime" will probably not get back to me for 2 weeks or so.

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