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What are your digits?

It's amazing what the mind holds onto. Yesterday when Mickey asked me if I had his work number memorized, I replied, "yeah. 538-5000." And even though I know that is not his work number, and even though his work number was right there on my telephone display screen, that was the first number that came stumbling out of my mouth. What is that number you ask? Well, that's the main switchboard number for the Epstein's department store in Morristown, NJ where my mother (and I during Christmas) used to work in 1992.

I realized I still remember the phone number of the first house I lived in, that we moved out of in 1986: 584-0467.

QOD of Sorts:

What is the oldest phone number (that you haven't used in a long time) that you remember? What was it for?

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