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Unwrapping is the Best Part.

I can't remember the last time I was this excited about Christmas. I can't wait to sit around my mom's house and look at her tree, watch Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas, and eat Hershey Kisses out of the tin that up until a few years ago was empty until Christmas morning, when we'd all know Santa kept up his tradition of filling it up when he came to call. Now we just start eating them early. It's still fun every time I open that tin, and for some reason, the kisses taste better when they've been sitting in it.

But I'm really looking forward to opening presents. Not so much the getting the present part, but the actual ritual of opening them. Until recently, my family was very small and Christmas morning was this free-for-all frenzy of torn paper and strewn ribbon. Lately, as our numbers have increased, it's a more organized rotation of one person opening a present at a time, and what I like most about this way is that all of the focus is on one person. We all are excited about what's getting opened now, who it's from and what the person will think of it. And it makes the whole unwrapping part of the day last so much longer.

One year when I was a pup, I had gotten an exhaustive amount of toys for Christmas and spent all morning opening them. Among those toys was a play refrigerator, which was cool in and of itself. It was standing beside the tree unwrapped with a puddle of presents around it. I had torn through the rest and thought I had unwrapped them all, so I started to investigate my treasures more closely (particularly the bathtub toy mermaid I had gotten). My mom suggested I check out my new refrigerator. I opened the doors to find it stocked front to back with even more presents! I couldn't believe my luck. I went through each small package and opened them with careful delight. Peas! Carrots! A pork chop! A milk carton! I felt like each one was a whole new treasure. She could have taken the sack of play food and wrapped the whole shebang, but she went the extra mile and spent the extra twenty minutes to make a kid that much happier. I caught on quick and new each one was going to be another plastic food, but it was just as exciting each time.

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