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Don't get above your raisin'

I have been in North Carolina at my mom's house for the past five days enjoying Christmas and other loungings. Call me paranoid, but every livejournal page I have viewed has had the "You are visiting a site outside of Hotmail" message at the top. While my mom isn't particularly skilled with the internet yet, I am not ready for her to be viewing my journal quite yet and do not want the address coming up on her URL history thingy.

Obligatory Christmas update: Christmas was successful. Presents plentiful. Two bowls of Silly Drunk Punch (to the tune of a bottle of Bicardi apiece), two bottles of Beaujolais Merlot and a large bottle of Arbor Mist consumed Christmas day. Two games of Trivial Pursuit played Christmas night, one won by my brother, the other by my mother and me. It's astonishing how good Baby Boomers are at the original version of TP. My mom was pulling out names of the first host of obscure and long forgotten game shows left and right.

In North Carolina, the art of the jingle is alive and well. Especially on television. Everyone from jewelers, used CD/book stores, dial-a-lawyers and workers' comp claim places all earmarked a portion of their commercial production budget to fit in a jingle writer and singer. I haven't heard such good jingles since the one for the Lahaina Cannery Mall.

That and the guy from the Durham Toyota wears a suit with a golf shirt underneath in his commercials. Maybe a tie might be seen as putting on airs.

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