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Things are going to start happening to me now.

It's all coming up Milhouse in Mejland.

The money that was stolen from my checking account via my debit card has been returned to me to the tune of, get this, $666. I received a letter from my bank the day before I left for NC saying they had been "trying" to call me but couldn't get through, which is odd since I have answering machines at both of my phone numbers. I called the agent twice over Christmas to get a voicemail, spoke to her supervisor who was not able to answer me when I asked what "trying" means in bank talk (whether it means they called once and gave up or if it means they called several times but don't leave messages about important things) because she had not made any of the mandatory notes indicating the dates and time of call attempts and he promised me he would address this with her. The supervisor was quick and effective, and I had my money back within a business day.

I almost have my fraudulent charges off of my credit cards. When I went to pay my bill on Saturday, they were still there, as well as a couple of overdraft fees and whatnot. Turns out the customer service representative I spoke to a few weeks ago who so emphatically promised to get it all taken care of doesn't have the power he would like to think he does. I spoke to the fraud department yesterday and am on my way out of that one too.

Mick and I took our cars to the Jiffy Lube at the Landmark Mall and were killing time at the mall while the cars were getting serviced. The jeans I like at Old Navy were on sale for $20, so I was digging through the piles for my size and I found a pair of jeans that were the same cut but had a different tag on them. The salesguy called for a price check and revealed to me they were "one-ninety-seven". I had to triple check to make sure he actually meant less than two bucks. Apparently, if an item sticks around for long enough, it will get marked down and marked down until it reaches the final bottom price of $1.97. So I got two pair of jeans for $22. Justice.

Then we went to pick up the cars and at the bottom of that sheet where they list what fluids they topped off for you and whether or not your air filter was bad are the words SAFETY INSPECTION COMPLETED BY JESUS.

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