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Happy New Year!

;m on keg's laptop ad here I am wishing you a happy new year! 'The party i n SoHo ruled, everyone was in top form, and after a day with ccjohn, everythini was right inorder. party was fun and anywone who ever thought anything different, New York rules. Even doing nothing or at a apryt o r anytghing, itg's great here. i miss it big time. Keg is in heart-[rint boxer shorts and telling some story about how some other dude is engaged. Someone at the party thought it was dead wrong that we calll Keg the Keg. Keg's girlfriend had to confirm that yes, Keg loves his nickname.

BTW- im having a great tijme.
Tags: milestones

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    Started off 2011 with a nice ring and an engagement request from Evan. It's looking like a good year so far :D

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