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Sweet Justice

Upon checking my mail last night I got a letter from the Arlington County Treasurer with the words IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION OPEN IMMEDIATELY written on the envelope and my stomach immediately fell onto the floor. I just bought my car a few months ago and registered it in Arlington then, but I have been driving it in the county for years. The county has been sending me letters every year about how I live in an apartment building with parking spots but they don't have a car registered for me so I should give them money and please fill out this form to tell them how much. I thought I was facing three years of back taxes, never mind the fact that the entire time my car has been on the road taxes *have* been paid on it, except in the state its owner lives in, not Virginia.

Not only did I get out of paying extra taxes, the bill was for $5.49. Bless you, Justice and your rapid depreciation!
Tags: the little things
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