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Fuck The Police

If you can believe it, I was awoken about twenty minutes ago by another telemarketer from the Virginia State Police Association begging for money. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise in two ways; I didn't want to sleep too late today, and I got to treat the Virginia State Police Association to a tidy little monologue that went a little something like this. After he wished me a good morning and asked me how I was, off I went:

Actually, not so good. When you guys called me last week, I tried very politely to decline your request for money. I nicely said 'no thank you' to every try he made, and when he offered me the sticker, I told him he could keep it and give it to someone who would use it since I'd just throw it away, thanked him again for the offer and he said he'd just call me back and hung up on me. The fact that I'm speaking to you today is appalling. Well, ma'am, we're supposed to try again if you say no... I understand you have to rebut people's refusals, but to threaten to call them back if they do refuse is just harassment. You, representing the police should know better than to harass people. And talking to you know, I know it was no threat. Please take me off of your calling list. ma'am, I'd hate to take you off our list permanently, because the Virginia State Police do need your help. Why don't I just put you on the list to be called next time we have a fund drive. Even if I had money to give out, after this experience, and now that I know how you run your fundraisers, I will never donate any money to you. A gentleman with a twang like yours should appreciate a nice 'no thank you' from a lady.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta. And, to add to this fresh new feeling, am now watching a fantastic episode of the old animated Spiderman and His Amazing Friends on ABC Family. Who knew Iceman and Fred from Scooby Doo were the same guy?
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