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My Miniseries Life

I really think that when NBC makes one of those six-hour long miniseries things about the 00’s like they did for the 60’s and 70’s, that I’m going to be a main character. The reality of this becomes more and more apparent to me every day.

Not only was I laid off by a pool-table having, foozball-playing, 35 hour work week, free sodas and bagels dot com, but last week, I received my letter from “Dubya” promising that he’ll be returning $300 of the dollars that the government overcharged me.

The clencher, however, came last Tuesday. While walking to the Burrito Brothers on lower Dupont Circle, I noticed a very familiar face smiling coyly back at me. On the door was a missing persons poster for Chandra Levy, stating where she had last been seen and asking for me to provide any information I had on her.

If only I had invested in the stock market and lost my ass last year, I’d have a straight flush.

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