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I Still Love Pacey.

HOLLYWOOD, California (Variety) -- "Dawson's Creek" -- the show that turned the WB into a bona fide network -- will sail into the sunset this May after five angst-filled years.

My first thought was, "I should tune into the 2-hour series finale but I probably wouldn't know who anyone was anymore since I haven't watched it since the first season".

My second thought was, "Man, those Dawson nights in college ruled. Like the time when Scott picked up the ringing phone, yelled 'Call Back After Dawson!' and slammed it down. Poor Berman actually had to reschedule his classes so he could watch it with us all."

My third thought was, "HOLY FUCK THAT WAS FIVE YEARS AGO?"

I think I'm going to go barf now.
Tags: milestones, pop culture

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