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The forward queen is back again. You may remember her as the woman who sent me the All Women Are Beautiful and Marilyn Monroe Was Fat Too So It's Okay email forward just days before she sent the Isn't It Funny That Women Can't Drive For Shit email. She hasn't sent any that were too ridiculous in the past few months, and one of them was actually a really cute animated little flash kitten that would follow the pointer around and bat at it that I played with for way too long. Anyway, today, she made sure to remind me that being a woman is embarrassing for more than four days a month. Particularly when 75 of my gendermates have affixed their names to this one single forward thread.

>From: The Mad Forwarder <>
>To:, et. al.
>Subject: (none)
>Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 9:49:32 -0500
>Today 25 Congresswomen in the US House of Representatives walked out -- and refused to participate in the vote to give Bush war
>powers -- they were led by Barbara Bell of California and they took up residence on the White House lawn..... They say women can
>change the world. Here is a chance! A nationwide effort to unite women against war has drafted the statement below and asks each of
>us, if we are so moved, to send it out to as many women and women's groups as we can for endorsement. Please cut and paste this
>message into a new message, sign it with your own name, and forward it with the petition on to as many people as you know.
>please also e-mail a copy back to:
>This is our chance to stop this war.
>Women are a strong constituency in this country. We only have a few days.
>Please act immediately, Maya Breuer


>Women United Against War
>As women embracing life and peace, we declare ourselves opposed to any military action against Iraq. As women, we have been the
>victims of many kinds of violence. We call on you in Congress to oppose any military action. We make this demand for ourselves, our
>children, our parents, our brothers,husbands, partners and friends.
>We make this demand because we understand that warfare creates endless cycles of violence, destruction and death, impoverishing us
>spiritually and economically.
>We make this demand because warfare destroys family life, throwing whole communities into exile and turning children into orphans.
>We make this demand because we cannot build happy lives on a ground polluted by violence. We believe this is a defining moment in the
>life of our country. We will either take our place in the family of nations as seekers of peace and justice or we will start down a
>terrible road to war, unleashing the fury of generations to come on our land.
>We call upon you to act with integrity, to show courage and remember that you are guardians of the public trust and of the world we
>leave to our children. We oppose this war.
>We oppose all elected officials who support this war. There is no other issue greater than the cause of peace. No past stand or
>history can be called upon to overshadow the imperative to stand today for peace.
>We, as women acting to shape public life, dedicate our energy, resources, and hopes to those who establish peace. There will be no war
>in our names.
>If you want our support and votes, stop this war!

There are women who have experienced violence, so therefore war is wrong! I don't want to think with my head! I think with my emotions only! Please do not talk to me about logic or thought--I want hearts, flowers and peace! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! We do not want to think about reasons! If it doesn't feel good, don't do it! Think about our happiness! I only know how to speak because Oprah taught me catch phrases! Don't you see that this perpetuates the cycle of violence? If it sounds icky or dirty, we don't want it! And we can't be bothered with thinking about a solution we like, we just know we don't like this one! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

If it helps out the soldiers at all, I'll be mailing my uterus to Iraq.
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