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Bored bored bored bored bored.

I have that "I'm a..." song stuck in my head.
I ate a roll from leftover conference food and I'm probably going to do it again with lunch.
I also took some cups in case I ever need one.
I got new chapstick that had a bonus strawberry banana one in it that's really good.
I got a call today from State Farm and I gave a recorded statement for witnessing that hit and run in December. I'm a good citizen.
Two of cops that I've dealt with in the past few months have had cowboy actor names: Officer McQueen and Officer Coburn.
I played Dr. Mario on the way in for a change of pace and got to level 9 by the time my ride was over.
I'd still be playing Final Fantasy if I could figure out what to do with this Red Orb.
My financial limitations on buying new clothes hasn't kept me from combing catalogs.

I thought I got an erroneous charge on my water bill but it turns out I was reading it wrong and didn't figure that out until the second I got a representative on the phone. I apologized for being a dumbass and explained the right interpretation of the bill to her. Judging from how confusing it is and from her tone, 85% of her customer service calls are about that.

Ok, so I have bought something frivolous in the past few months, but it didn't require putting my credit card in my wallet and it was a total chance occurrence of impulsivity. I bought the Chef Wizard amazing 6-in-1 cooking utensil moments after I saw it advertised on TV with a 2 for $14.95 deal and then a free 6-quart Pasta Pro pot with an additional shipping and handling charge. Turns out the Wizards were $14.95 + $5.95 s&h, and the Pasta Pro was "free" with a $9.99 s&h charge. So I spent 30 bucks on two whisks and a pot. I'd feel like less of a sucker if this stuff ever showed up. I want to know just how much the Chef Wizards can change my life--both of them.

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