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Unidentifiable 80's Movie

Both yesterday and today I have seen the samve five minute chunk of the same movie on I believe Comedy Central. The clip I saw featured a young man with the fluffy center part hairdo and duo-denim jacket/jeans combo picking up his trash bag full of belongings and getting off a bus at (if 80's teen movies have taught me anything) a yuppie New England prep boarding school, where a young man who smokes, packs with Glad bags, and wears a buttcutt and double denim clearly will be a fish out of water. A headmaster walks this young tuff up to the dorm, spouting out the rules of conduct, to which the boy juicily snaps, "is that all"?

Our acidwashed hero reaches the stairs to find James Spader, who asks him why he is there, and in a friendly gesture of camaraderie, offers the kid a more proper khaki/blue emblem blazer/tie combo. My instinct was to think that this would be some sort of prank, like the other 80's boarding prep school movie where the new fish was convinced that all freshmen wear ladies' underwear to the cafeteria on the first day. Lo, Spader turned out to be a good guy for these few minutes, and he and the now well-dressed Denim Duke sit next to each other in lecture.

The headmaster singles out a bespectacled young Nerd sporting one of the most fantastic jewfros in history, demands that this boy stand up and sing the school fight song. The Nerd, stricken with stage fright, stumbles the words, and the headmaster decrees that he be taught never to forget the words to the fight song again. Despite the Nerd's repeated insistence that he does know the words, the stock Preps swing him by the ankles and wrists and toss him into a pond.

Buttcutt Bad Boy and Jewfro Nerd are suddenly roommates, tucked into a bunk bed. Bad Boy is in the top bunk practicing the school fight song, much to the Nerd's embarrassment. The Nerd demands that he stop singing because he has to study, and Bad Boy says he's studying too. That's when I've had to turn off the TV both days.

I've been combing the James Spader list on imdb and can't seem to figure out what movie this is. He's the only distinguishable factor in the film; the Nerd and the Bad Boy are unrecognizable. Does anyone have any idea what movie this is? It's driving me crazy.

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