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NOW ignores POW

You'd think Jessica Lynch would be a new hero for women, the likes of which have probably not been seen since Joan of Arc. She is a hero, a natural warrior, an envoy of her own country and a guardian of what to her is a strange land. She joined the military when her small rural town offered few other careers for her, and unlike others in her situation had the courage and honor to uphold the oaths she took; to stand by the promises she has made. She was willing to stand by them until the death, as the 11 other people around her did, but by the grace of something above or the strength of what is within, she stayed alive.

As pointed out in Best of the Web, the National Organization for Women, on the other hand, fails to see any reason to give Pfc. Lynch the accolades she deserves.

You'd think she'd be a feminist heroine, but we checked the Web site of the group that calls itself the National Organization for Women and couldn't find any acknowledgment of this valiant member of the fairer sex. Instead the homepage features two links to articles about the Augusta National Golf Club, one favoring racial preferences, one opposing the confirmation of a woman as a federal judge, one on abortion and one on the pressing problem of " 'educational' pelvic exams performed on unconscious patients." There are two items related to the military: one on sexual assaults at the Air Force Academy and one headlined "In Shadows of War, NOW Continues Urging Peace."'ve come a long way, baby.

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