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Crazy Witch Doctor, Revisited

I started feeling a little under the weather since friday when we were seeing Apes. I figured with my LA vacation on the horizon that I better get this taken care of soon, since the last thing I wanted was to be on Rodeo Drive with a sinus infection again. If I had more time to deal with this, I probably would have called another doctor, but I figured that the last guy might be able to just call in some antibiotics for me and call it quits.

When I told him my new symptoms, he wanted me to come in. I stopped by on my lunch hour to see him, and he said that my ears and sinuses were fine, but once he put ol' rusty in my mouth, he exclaimed, "oh! That's tonsilitis all right."

The bitch of it is that I don't feel that terrible. A little tired, throat a little sore, but I'm pissed off and confused. Why the hell am I sick again? I can't remember the last time I got two consecutive sicks in two weeks. And why does it have to happen right when I'm going away?

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