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Delay on the Blue and Orange lines in both directions

I listen to Oldies 100 in the morning while getting ready, not for the witty banter between co-hosts Murphy and Cash, but because it's the only station that comes in in my apartment, and I can't get dressed in the morning without knowing the weather forecast. The Traffic Guy ominously reported early breaking news about an "incident" at Metro Center that was backing up trains. "Maybe I should drive in today", I thought to myself, but quickly dismissed the idea, as driving home on Friday nights is hellish.

Mick and I were running late, so the scene at Pentagon City actually looked better than it does 10 or 20 minutes earlier. I thought I should take the Blue line directly in, rather than risk the transfer, keeping the delay in mind, but the Yellow came first, and I just took my chances. Everything was peachy until L'Enfant. I got to the transfer line to find a train waiting at the platform, overstuffed. We all seem to think we're pretty civilized human beings, but then we go and expose ourselves to something like mass transit. I refused to pack into that train like some sort of cattle, so I waited, Game Boy in hand, for the next train. Five minutes later, it didn't arrive. I have heard The Whiner at work bitch about how he's had to walk from L'Enfant in a similar situation, so if he could do it, why couldn't I?

L'Enfant is not where I thought it was. I got out of the station at 7th and G SW, and headed north to my final destination at 14th and M NW. I walked about ten or so blocks through what appeared to be a very quaint neighborhood at 9:30 in the morning, until I started recognizing some familiar sights: a Wendy's, an Exxon, a McDonalds, and then Half Street...Jimminy Christmas, I'm right by Nation(s).

I hailed a cab for the rest of the ride in. I told the guy my sob story, and he kinda chuckled in that old man way and said "'d have a long walk ahead of you". The cab cost me ten bucks. Parking costs six. Yet, I am surprisingly not bitter.

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