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RIP Burrito Brothers Mug

Picture it: 1999. It was the good old days, when everybody had an idea of what to do with this newfangled Internet, and everybody else was willing to back those ideas up. Our young heroine is fresh out of college, working at, a job that could be called nothing short of a joy. No one really knew what we were supposed to be doing at this long lost dot com, but we all knew we believed in it and were determined to make it work. Our numbers grew as the public grew aware of us, and coldblackncold, frockazulu, friendship7, and of course, bobwhite, joined our ranks. The company was in Reston, what was supposed to be Virginia's answer to the Silicon Valley. Our happy group of co workers often ventured out to lunch together. One of those places we visited frequently was Burrito Brothers.

I was growing tired of constantly refilling and worrying about spilling my glass of water. Burrito Brothers always ran a deal where if you bought their 44oz insulated mug for $3.50, you could get it refilled for $0.79 any time you bring it back. I bought the mug, but with few intentions to have it filled with soda. It was to be my water cup.

The Burrito Brothers mug lasted longer than musicmaker. Hell, the Burrito Brothers mug outlasted the Burrito Brothers branch where I bought it. The Burrito Brothers mug came with me into the city, stood nobly beside me as I grew accustomed to the shocking difference between musicmaker and my current job. The Burrito Brothers mug has survived 4 cubicle moves, was there for me when I was given a taste of an office, and stoicly joined me back in the cubicles when I was ejected from my shared office a mere 4 months later.

Alas, the Burrito Brothers mug's lid has become loose. The creases in the straw have become cracked and dirty. The yellow logo on the side has all but worn off. It is time to send my good friend into retirement.

Thank you, Burrito Brothers mug. Your service will not be forgotten.

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