June 7th, 2001


Work Delerium

Have you ever felt like a dominatrix while shopping online or, say, entering inane information into a database and you continually have to click on the Submit button? Bow to me, stupid database. Submit! Submit now! Submit again! You take what I give you and you will Submit! At times I wonder if the motorcycle engine/bomb dropping sounds I make in my head while pressing these buttons are actually audible and if the guy on the other side of my cube wall can hear me. Lord knows I have heard how much he loves his girlfriend.

We have this powdered Spiced Apple Cider drink mix at work. If I hadn’t seen the packet, I would still know that it was apple cider, thanks to Ned Flanders who once gave us the little mnemonic device: If it’s clear and yella, you’ve got juice there, fella. If it’s cloudy and brown, you’re in cidertown!

I’d say I need a break, but how can I with these insolent databases at my fingertips?
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    Spinner Alt80's: Psychadelic Furs, No Easy Street