June 11th, 2001


Deja Vu, vol. 3

Apparently, I posted too hastily this morning, as things have just gotten better and better. I would say that I could make a million dollars writing a book for CEO’s titled What To Say To Your Employees To Make Them Think Your Company Will Last Through The Year: Ways To Placate The Subordinates Who Walk Around With Their Heads Outside Of Their Asses, but as evidenced by this morning’s meeting, it’s already been written.

“This is not a funeral. We’ll be pulling in our belts for a while in order to last the storm of the internet. We don’t want to be one those companies who gets taken out before they are due. We have a great idea here and it will eventually work … though a company can’t survive on saving money alone, it may be a while until we make money. But until then, you’re going to see some changes around here. Though we are trying to save as many as we can, some jobs will be lost. Unless we meet the numbers outlined by our new Business Plan by Labor Day, we will have to re-evaluate our position again.”

I didn’t know why I made a point of knowing this company’s severance policy on my first day. Sadly it’s not as excessive as my last one.

Chapter One: So you are the head of an Internet company…
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At least one of us won't have to charge in with an Uzi.

The post office has done something smart and efficient. Yes, the US Postal Service. The guys who make us pay one more penny per letter we mail so that they can buy the rights to "Fly Like an Eagle" from the goddamn Eagles.

At the post office near my work, they have a van parked outside selling stamps. That's it. That's all it does. This way, when people go into the main office to send package via registered mail or to buy a money order, they do not force those of us who just want to pick up a book of stamps on their lunch hour to wait on a huge line.

Will wonders never cease? This just goes to show that there are smart people out there trying to make things work well. Are the Stonecutters really at work keeping things like this down? How is it that in the most poorly run place in the entire country can think of something as simple as a stamp stand while precious hours are wasted in almost every other post office in the nation?
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