June 15th, 2001


When it rains, it pours

Because when things go wrong, it’s never “thing go wrong”. There’s more than one. Here is how my morning went:

I am tired, slightly hung over and out of eggs. So I figure I can skip breakfast at home and pick up something on the way to work. Therefore, I have an extra 15 minutes I can sleep. That 15 soon turns into 50. I am now late.

Everything runs relatively smoothly for the next half hour. I walk down the street and get on the shuttle. I’m about to get my newspaper out of my bag when I need to make a quick bra re-adjustment. Much to my horror, I discover that the bra strap has not slipped off of my shoulder, it is not twisted up, it is BROKEN. I want to try to remedy the situation, but I know that now it as gone from a simple shift to a full on restructuring. And the worst part is that now I have a broken bra strap dangling down my back and out the bottom of my shirt.

I manage to wind the bra strap around the back band-part and in order to minimize bouncage, I keep my shoulderbag strap pressed close against my body. Remember, now, I’m still late. But now I can’t walk fast to try to make up for overslept time because I have one tit dangling out of my bra. Of course I’m wearing a white shirt today so all I could think of was how everyone in the greater Washington DC area noticed how I was wearing half of a bra under my white t-shirt.

I arrive to work 15 minutes late. Fortunately other people in my department are also late, and my boss is in a meeting. I sneak a stapler into my purse and head to the bathroom. I manage to successfully repair the bra with a method that would make MacGuyver jealous and it’s still holding.
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