June 16th, 2001


Guess I'll be the one to tell the story.

Last night, Mickey, Sparky and I were chatting about the asterisk situation and other such geekitudes inspired by the haikus. At first, the three of us had separate IM dialog boxes open, but then Sparky had the brilliant idea to start a chatroom for the three of us to meet in. Things were going about swimmingly until by some bizarre coincidence, Sean had managed to invite all of us to the "The Mummy Returns" chatroom on AOL. Like a fool, I went in, thinking that Sean was playing a joke on us.

Inside The Mummy Returns, gaggles of hot and heavy youngsters met to flirt with each other through the wonders of modern technology. One of which kept repeating something to the effect of HOT YOUNG TEENS :) LIVE SEX CHAT :) and since it was underlined, I was scared to go near it. The three of us were stricken with the feeling that woke up someplace we didn't know where we were and rightfully confused. Siezing the moment, Sparky shouts into this teen "film-inspired" chatroom, "I like Italians" and leaves. This thus confuses the other inhabitants of the room (one of whom sends me a private IM window asking for my a/s/l which was promptly closed), yet no real stir is caused. While one chatter replies "no Italians here", we were again reminded that it was a roomful of HOT YOUNG TEENS :) LIVE SEX CHAT :)
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