June 27th, 2001


Brush With Moderate Celebrity

I'm not trying to be a pompous-assed name dropping sycophant here, because I then might have to get violently ill when I hear myself talk. Nevertheless, I shall tell my story.

Last night at the Richard Lloyd/ Steve Wynn show at the Black Cat (you might remember them from Television and the Dream Syndicate respectively), I was introduced to Chris Butler of the early 80's band The Waitresses. I was told who he was before we met, but upon meeting him, I recognized his face instantly. To anyone who remembers the I Know What Boys Like video, he's their guitarist and principal songwriter who in the video is seen in a closeup rolling his eyes and smirking during one of the pauses. He looked the same, apart from the obvious markings of 20 years of rock and roll.

It was refreshing to me to hear him talk about how he forgot to bring his newest baby pictures to show our mutual friend. It's nice to see a rock-n-roller going gently into that good night. While he is still very active and influential in his scene: producing, making his own albums, playing drums on tour for Lloyd, he's not trying to bang the 21-year-old bartender.

I can respect that.
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I just got back from the pool. I need a new swimsuit desperately, but I think shopping around for a high-colonic would be more appealing right about now.
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