July 1st, 2001


I don't want to live in a world with no TV. Real or not.

Since I have been unwell for the past few days, I have submitted to the power of the Real World Marathon. I cannot completely blame my illness for this, as I probably would have been watching it anyway. One of the most convienent things about being a Pop-Culture Whore is that I am easily entertained and can find something to dwell on in the most inane things. I watched that disappointing new-cast choosing extravaganza and the Is-Puck-Still-Puck-and-Does-Everyone-Still-Hate-Him anniversary special (featuring a fabulous appearance by Puck’s mom) and then watched some of the reruns of the Seattle, Hawaii and New Orleans seasons. I have formed new opinions about some of the cast members and affirmed disgust for others, but something new caught my attention this time.

They don’t have TVs. None of the houses have TVs. Some of the later ones have computers and iMac laptops and stuff, but there are no televisions. These poor bastards don’t have any out. They have to either talk to each other or complain about each other on the phone to their family and friends. No wonder those people in the Hawaii house were driven to drink. If I had to spend all of my time with some superficial prettyboy assholes like them, I’d want to be plenty drunk. Having an awesome house in a great location is nice and all, but come on? There’s gotta be something to do besides rehash old arguments and prove to the American viewing public that yes, you are the walking stereotype that Mary-Ellis Bunim hoped you would be.

It’s kinda funny, if you think about it: the voyeur fodder has nothing to view. Is it to make sure they don’t know what’s going on in the world so the show isn’t dated by discussions of current events? Is MTV so worried that there won’t be at least three occasions when one of the roommates calls the other “ignorant?” Is it to save our sanity from the possibility of us watching the Real World watching the Real World watching the Real World watching the Real World?