July 11th, 2001


Extreme Measures

While I don’t totally love my job, I don’t really hate it either. Mostly because sometimes I get to read stuff like this. On our homepage, we list the Good Deals of the day. Today’s said: Toilet problems? Problem solved. With TOTO high-performance toilets.

Sure, that is grammatically atrocious, but can you imagine the photo that should go with that tagline? Envision a well-groomed man sitting on the shitter with a strained look on his face giving us the thumbs up.

Oh, but it gets better. After I clicked on that link, I am taken to the TOTO homepage. Curious as to how they solve toilet problems, I browse around and I find this.

I find it tremendously funny that these guys flushed rubber balls to test the turd magnitude that these babies can swallow.

Why can’t I have that job?
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