July 23rd, 2001


Word of advice to all the ladies out there...

When you have children (or if you are already a mother), DO NOT wear a thong bikini to the pool at your apartment complex while you are sunbathing in front of your four-year-old son. I'm all for women being proud of getting their figures back after childbirth, but thongs in front of your kids is just plain tacky.
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Hallmark, Schmallmark

I went to the CVS across the street to get a blank card to send a letter to my grandmother. I usually write on these little stationary cards I buy in boxes of like ten, but since my grandmother is probably the only person I have handwritten a letter to in years, I have several boxes of which I have used maybe three cards each. Hence, I did not want to buy another entire box of cards, seeing as I had plenty at home, but I wanted to get this letter written and mailed by the end of the day.

Anyhoo, I go to the CVS and scour the racks for a single blank card with maybe a picture of a bunch of flowers or a cat on it or some shit like that. I came up totally snakeyes. Nothing. Not a damned blank card in the bunch. Sure, they had birthday cards written in Greek and Finnish, Congratulations-on-your-recent-weight-loss cards, Sorry-your-dog-got-run-over cards, Graduation cards, Confirmation cards, I-just-wanna-boink-your-bones cards, Hope-your-menapause-goes-well cards...

But not a blank one to be found. So, like a sucker, I bought another box of stationery.
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