August 14th, 2001


Umm...yeah...we're gonna need you in on Saturday...

Okay, so if you send out an email that says it's common courtesy to give your employer 2 weeks notice if you want to take time out of your work schedule for personal use, do you think it is only common courtesy for your employer to give you 2 weeks notice if they want you to take time out of your personal schedule for work use?

That's what I thought. Fuckers. At least, technically, they gave ample notice when they tossed in that they're probably going to want us to come in *next* Saturday too.

Yeah...and we're gonna need you in at nine Saturday. Tha'd be great.

This is frustrating, but still commonplace. But the second hefty blow came this morning when I found out that the airline that I scored that free round-trip ticket with has filed Chapter 11. Cancelling service to most of their destinations within the next two weeks, and only rescheduling already booked flights. There goes the idea of getting a break on the trip out to Hawaii.

I feel like I have been shit on.
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