August 27th, 2001


Two of shit is shit. If they really wanna fuck you they'll give you three of these things.

The alternative stations around here have a tendency to play "Rock Blocks", "Work Force Blocks" and one in particular does this thing on Sunday night called "Seven CD Sides at Seven". Fact aside that most of their demographic probably has no idea what a "Side" is, and even if they do, they probably wonder, like I do, who determines whether the first six or the first seven songs make up the side.

This weekend was the "Summer Block Party" on HFS, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. If you hear one song by a good band, you will be treated to more. But when you hear those god awful words "And now, a block of Three Doors Down", at least you know you don't have to check what's on that station for the next 10 minutes or so.
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I was promised cake.

Signing office birthday cards or farewell/going-away cards may be the single most socially awkward aspect of corporate culture. What the hell do you say to these people?

"Happy Birthday! How does it feel to have squandered another year of your precious life under the same fluorescent bulb? May there be many more!"

"Hi, I don't know anything about you outside of the fact that we spend 40 hours a week in the same room. Good Luck for the rest of your life, because this is the last time I'll be a part of it."

It's worse than signing yearbooks. In protest, I have signed today's card-for-a-stranger: "Have a neat summer -Megan"
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When we first met, you still didn't know how to use a touch-tone

I just got an email from one of the IT people in my office that says:

Due to the power being turned off in our building tonight, IT asks that everyone please shut down their computer this evening as you are leaving. Also please turn off your monitor and any other devices that may be attached to your computer. This will prevent damage from occurring as a result of a power surge when the electric service is returned to the building. If you have any questions or need any assistance turning off a device please do not hesitate to call the Help Desk.

Thank You

Mother of Christ, if you have questions or need assistance TURNING SHIT OFF you probably aren't smart enough to operate the telephone to call the help desk in the first place.
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